Wireless Current Sensor- Three Channel

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Our wireless current sensors (CT) simply clip around three individual cables, measuring
the alternating current (AC) and the wireless transmitter attaches outside the panel for
reliable wireless data transmission. The small, energy-harvesting devices use ultra-low
power wireless and battery-less technology making them easy to install and very low

Order M9-TCT-60 for 60A service. 

Order M9-TCT-200 for 200A service.

Order M9-TCT-600 for 600A service.

• Measures current (50 Hz or 60Hz) every 30 seconds in three separate channels
Measurement ranges:
• 1A-60A (+/- 0.1A or 2%)
• 2A-200A (+/- 0.1A or 2.5%)
• 2A-600A (+/- 1A or 3%)

• Self-powered using ultra-low energy from the measured conductor, so there’s no need
for batteries or wiring
• Simply clip around cables with no interruption to electrical supply
• Transmit data wirelessly via EnOcean wireless protocol, which uses internationally
approved, licence-free ISM bands


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