Wireless Current Sensor – One Channel

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Our wireless current sensors (CT) simply clip around a single cable, measuring the alternating current (AC) and the wireless transmitter attaches outside the panel for reliable wireless data transmission. The small, energy-harvesting devices use ultra-low power wireless and battery-less technology making them easy to install and very low maintenance.

Order M9-SCT-60 for 60A service.

Order M9-SCT-200 for 200A service.

• Measures current (50 Hz or 60Hz) every 30 seconds in a single channel Measurement range
• 1A-60A (+/- 0.1A or 2%)
• 2A-200A (+/- 0.1A or 2.5%)
• Self-powered using ultra-low energy from the measured conductor, so there’s no need for batteries or wiring
• Simply clip around cables with no interruption to electrical supply
• Transmit data wirelessly via EnOcean wireless protocol, which uses internationally approved, license-free ISM bands


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