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    Drive value into your building automation projects with custom, scalable solutions tailored to fit your needs.



    Intelligent Automation

    Intelligent wireless devices communicate wirelessly with one another to control your location based on occupancy, light level and room status. Magnum devices ship with our exclusive EnOcean Long Range radio technology.

    500,000+ Devices Deployed

    With over 500,000 devices deployed across the world, Magnum products are trustworthy, reliable and secure. Whether in a stand-alone system or integrated into a software platform, Magnum has you covered.

    Software Enhanced, Not Dependent

    Our leading edge gateway devices allow for BACnet IP, Amazon AWS and VenergyUI Building Automation System Integration. Remotely configure, control and monitor.

    Quick & Simple Installation

    Quick and easy installations prevent any disruption from day-to-day operation of your property. Comfort remains at an all time high, and employees can continue working without impediment.

    Maximize Energy Savings

    Taking control of, and optimizing operational systems, can result in energy savings between 25 and 45 percent for your property / properties. We have helped properties save millions of kW hours!

    High Level Security

    The EnOcean radio protocol is based on pre-defined packages, profiles and payloads. There is also NO confidential data being sent or received over EnOcean telegrams. Magnum utilizes this standard in every product.

    We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient wireless smart building technology on the market.

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    All of Magnum's products are proudly manufactured in America!

    Smart Lighting & Dynamic
    Tunable White

    Create an optimal environment! Magnum offers tunable white lighting control integrated into an existing building management system or with the use of Magnum’s VenergyUI Software. Simulate circadian rhythm, add schedules and energize your environment! Zoned controls, fixture integrated controls and LED upgrades make Magnum’s solution perfect for both new builds and retrofit applications. Learn more about our LED lighting upgrades (Commercial | Industrial)!

    Intelligent HVAC Controls & Wireless, Battery-Free Sensors

    Magnum’s HVAC product portfolio includes a variety of thermostats, temperature sensing products as well as environmental monitoring products. These devices allow end users to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. Remotely configure, control and monitor with Magnum software solutions. Our leading edge gateway devices (EBOX, CBOX, AP3), allow for BACnet/IP, Amazon AWS or VenergyUI Building Automation System Integration.

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