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    Puerto Rico

    Rio Mar Hotel

    Project information

    Wyndham Rio Mar is a 535 room hotel located in beautiful Puerto Rica. This new Margaritaville styled hotel showcases a variety of in room energy management devices from Magnum Innovations. The elegantly appointed rooms at the Rio Mar include the M9-TS1 which is Magnum’s 24V powered, wirelessly communicating thermostat. This thermostat has a variety of features and functionality, including a real time clock, customizable screen and up to ten individual alert screens that the customer can toggle through to provide information to occupants and guests. At the Rio Mar, room occupancy is determined using Magnum’s M9-ML2 which is a ceiling mounted occupancy sensor. This battery free occupancy sensor sends a wireless signal to the thermostat to alert the device when occupancy is detected and when occupancy is not detected.

    The bulk of the energy savings in hotels typically occurs when the guest is not in the room. During this time, the thermostat goes into a “set back mode” whereby there are upper and lower limits are widened. As soon as occupancy is once again detected, the thermostat immediately begins cooling the room to the occupant’s comfort level. There is also a patio door sensor at the Rio Mar, which is a popular device included for hotels in tropical locations. If and when the balcony door is opened, the thermostat will either turn completely off or will have a deep set back until the balcony door is closed. This is to prevent a guest from being able to have their balcony door open and the air conditioning running.

    The Rio Mar is saving considerable energy with the in room energy management system provided by Magnum . They have recently requested an upgrade at the property which would allow VIP guests the ability to disable the set back on the thermostat. We are in the process of incorporating this unique feature into the M9-TS1. Magnum has installed energy management systems in thousands of hotel rooms worldwide and is an approved Strategic Supplier to Wyndham Worldwide.