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    The future of surveillance data powered by AI and computer vision

    Making "Dumb"
    Camera Systems "Smart"

    Using AI and computer vision to compile analytics and make data actionable for businesses & governments to enhance their security, efficiency, and bottom line all while utilizing their existing infrastructure

    Integrates With Existing
    Security & Access Control Systems

    Software implements deep learning, machine learning, and convolutional neural network’s (CNN’s) to create powerful analytics and real time data

    Relevant data in a powerful context to control physical environments


    Access Control


    Real Time Monitoring

    Build intelligent building management systems for enhanced resource management (HVAC, Lighting, Monitoring etc.) based on traffic patterns and flows, past and current occupancy.

    Real Time Security

    Apply a robust suite of AI and computer vision security features that monitor building operations and allow for proactive responses to suspicious situations and events.

    Real Time Traffic Flow

    Analyze traffic flow throughout the building from multiple entrances and conversion rates to tenant businesses. Really understand spatial awareness for areas like lounges, kitchens, coffee bars, elevators that make the workplace more gratifying for employees and customers.


    Object Recognition

    Object Detection paired with individuals recognized, leveraging cutting edge CNN  architecture. 

    Human Recognition

    Recognizing up to 100 unique faces in an image as small as 50x50 pixels per face, our technology creates a “human-like” memory of everyone.

    User Timeline

    Visually review individuals as they traverse a location throughout any given day.


    Make sure individuals are wearing correct uniforms, safety gear or PPE.   

    Foot Traffic

    Understand foot traffic patterns of busy locations and entrances / exists 

    Mask Detection

    Alerting and tracking of individuals who aren’t wearing masks 

    Heat Mapping

    Monitor the density of individuals within a room over any specified duration of time and where they go

    VIP /Redlist

    Automatically receive alerts when a person on the VIP or Redlist(s) has arrived. 

    Time Tracking

    Automation of time tracking via logging user's entry and exit durations, resulting in a timesheet or time log for anyone on-site. 

    Access Control

    Allow entry to specific locations via our Biometric Access Control integration.

    Specific Use Cases

    • Increase Personnel / Customer Safety and Security 
    • Personnel Identification
    • Customer Identification
    • Shoplifting / Fraud Detection 
    • Personalize Greeting’s 
    • Staff Fatigue 
    • Optimize Floor Traffic / Patterns (visitor / employee)
    • Optimize Operational Efficiency
    • Mitigate False Liability/Workers Comp Claims 
    • Object Detection
    • Compare multi-store data 
    • Crime Prevention
    • Situational Awareness / Loitering / Crowding 
    • High Touch Areas for Cleaning
    • Store-Front / Exterior Traffic Bottlenecks 
    • Contact Tracing 
    • Access Control (Secure / Non-Secure Areas) 
    • Social Distancing
    • Dual Factor Authentication 
    • Behavior / Mood Detection 
    • Demographic Tracing / Marketing (Gender / Age) 
    • Customer Preferences 
    • Procedure Compliance 
    • Personnel Time Clock Management 
    • Mask vs. No Mark (Patrons and Employees) 
    • Visitor Count (Customer vs. Non)
    • How many time a person visits retail location 
    • Track Inventory / Shelf / Rack

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